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In the "Bullet Flying

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:43 am
by ylq
In the "Bullet Flying", Zhang Mazi asked Ma Bangde in the past, Ma Bangde recalled the deep feelings: "She was seventeen years old, and I was seventeen years old..." Zhang Mazi immediately interrupted the nostalgia of her middle-aged man. But I looked at the computer, but couldn't help but think, I was seventeen years old? Oh, when I was in the third year of the third year, I happened to be seventeen years old. I was in the third grade (1) class. I only did two things all day. One was reading a book, the other was watching a girl. When I was tired, I read a girl. The child, watching the girl look tired when reading a book, but reading a book to see the beauty of the two remember that just when I was in the third day, I liked a girl named surname, her grades are comparable to me, we two turns Second, the clever thing is that I live in the dormitory of my elementary school father. She also lives in her sister's house in primary school, so the chance of meeting is naturally more. Sometimes, in my father's dormitory, through the back window, watching her come along, she is tall, very thin, dark skin, looks good. During that time, I watched her walking around every day, and my heart swayed with her fine steps. Every time my father came in, I saw that I was holding the book and watching it. My father always touched my head with great gratitude. He said, it seems that the old graves of our old family are going to smoke. , good, come on! If he knows that my drunkenness is not in the book Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but cares about the beauty outside the window, I will blame if I don��t kill it. But very quickly, her physical and chemical achievements have dragged her feet, and I have become my rocket booster. The gap in the rankings has been opened, and my love for her has also decreased. Later, it was the opposite, to see that she saw it really, and there was no such feeling of ecstasy. In the back row, I was sitting on a pudgy girl named Sun. The round face was round and round, and the body was round, but the hair was long and long, almost dragged to the waist. Every time I wash my hair, I always wear it, sitting behind me, singing those nice songs, "Mom's Kiss" and "Panda Mimi"... Anyway, I will stop at this time. Close your eyes and enjoy free music. It took a long time to become a habit. People are singers who are unintentional, and I am interested in the listener. Gradually, I loved this girl for a long time. When I was in class, I always looked back at her. When I saw her face carefully reading a book Cigarettes Online, I felt a lot of peace of mind. That day, I was hitting the water at the well. I accidentally dropped the bucket into the well. No one else cares and left. Only when she stayed, she also found a bamboo rope and a hook from the teacher's house to help me salvage the bucket. At that time, I saw a kind heart. In my eyes, she is a lovely angel. One month, we were in an examination room. Suddenly, the house swayed. Someone shouted: "Earthquake!" We were scared to run out. The girl named Sun fell at the door, and many people stepped on her past. I ran outside and saw a man fall to the ground. I didn't know if it was her. When she got up and cried and came out, I saw it. I was very ashamed of myself and blamed myself for not helping. Later, I learned that it was not an earthquake, but it was caused by the vibration of a nearby army. We then returned to the examination room to continue the exam, and she was sent to the hospital by the teacher to check the treatment. Later, I went to the teacher. She also worked in the city. During a summer vacation, I and another classmate went to her house to see her for dozens of miles, but her father said that she was not at home and still went to work in the city. . In this way, as the high school entrance examination is approaching, I am reading more books, seeing fewer girls, and sometimes I forget that there are still girls in the world. Every night, those friends are talking about how the girl is, and when I hit the pillow, I woke up and went to the classroom to read the next day. The teachers are also very strange, saying that this child is not chasing this or chasing it. How do you know how to read now? Where do they know that my major is reading, and chasing girls is a sideline! If there is no book to read, I am going to chase the bear cub in the deep forest. I was seventeen years old in that year. I turned over the New Year and I was eighteen. I was very well tested in the middle of the year and I was admitted to Huai��an Normal School. I hope that the environment is big, I can chase more beautiful women. However, the teacher did not catch up with a girl for three years. I have never talked about a love. I regret it. I knew this. I was seventeen years old, I read. What book, I can't catch up with anyone.
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